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Your top partner all over the world! The way you choose your supplier defines the outcome of your business, not theirs.
The way you choose your supplier defines the outcome of your business, not theirs. Your top partner all over the world! Login
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Welcome to SPECIAL TOURS Wholesalers©

SPECIAL TOURS Wholesalers© Ltd is a global tourism supplier, offering its services exclusively to Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Airlines.

Highly skilled and experienced staff is always available to assist you on any inquiry you may have, always aiming at the best possible service.

Business Activities

Wholesale of hotel accommodation, land arrangements and packages worldwide, exclusively to the travel industry.


Tour Operators- Travel Agencies - Airlines - Shipping Companies.


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A wide range of services is provided for our clients, including:

  • F.I.T. Hotel Reservations
  • Transfers 
  • Tours

All above at the most competitive prices along with immediate confirmations.

At the same time, clients are able to access our allotments directly from S.T. Globe© Online Bookings© - our online reservation system - which allows them to reduce their operational expenses to the minimum and receive immediate confirmation on their requests.

F.I.T. Rates

F.I.T. Rates 1: EUROPE (X Hotels) F.I.T. Rates 2: AFRICA - AMERICA - ASIA - AUSTRALIA (X Hotels) F.I.T. Rates 3: GREECE (X Hotels)


  • X Hotel Rates
  • X Actual hotels with real availability
  • X Destinations
  • Constant Updates & Special Offers
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